The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, thus named after classic film actor Rondo Hatton (HOUSE OF HORRORS, THE JUNGLE CAPTIVE) are an impressive staple in the horror world — founded years before Famous Monsters went back to print in 2010. They’ve always been kind to us, recognizing our magazine even after we switched to an annual format in 2017. Lots of great horror work is up this year, and if you’d like to vote for FM (who wouldn’t?), here are our nominations:

BEST MAGAZINE: Famous Monsters of Filmland
BEST INTERVIEW: Ricou Browning, “A Legend of the Deep”, interviewed by Holly Interlandi in FM #290
BEST COVER: Famous Monsters #290 – Frank and Bride Forever by Sanjulian

You can also write us in for Best Article, Best Convention (Silver Scream Festival), Best Website, Best Writer, and whatever other category we fit into!

Quick tidbit: Silver Scream Festival‘s 2018 winner of Best Short Film, “Lunch Ladies”, is up for Best Short, so be sure to vote there too!

See full ballot and voting instructions here.