Classics for the color generation.

This is how people began to describe the series of Hammer horror films that began in 1957 with THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN and eventually went on to introduce DRACULA, THE MUMMY, and other iconic monsters to the new set of fans growing up with FM in the 1960s and 70s. Universal’s black and white classics had paved the way, but Hammer’s were a whole new ballgame, advertised as bloody, sexy, and much raunchier than their American counterparts.

Hammer Films also ultimately made superstars out of actors Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, who reprised their roles as Count Dracula (Lee) and Victor Frankenstein/Van Helsing (Cushing) enough times to define the roles for a worldwide audience — no small feat for a UK film studio that was formed in 1934 on the backs of indie dramas and exploitative crime thrillers. Hammer really hit its horror stride with THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT in 1955 (called THE CREEPING UNKNOWN in the US), and continued to dominate the genre — and the pages of Famous Monsters — for twenty years.

In the 21st century, Hammer was revived, partnering with other film studios on the release of independent horror pictures like LET ME IN, THE RESIDENT, and mostly recently THE LODGE, which debuted at Sundance Film Festival 2019 to much acclaim. The name Hammer continues to be synonymous with horror, inspiring filmmakers and storytellers to this day.

Thus, our Ack-Ives special issues continue in August 2019 with Volume 2: The House of Hammer.

The cover befitting such a volume could only be Sanjulian’s depiction of the great Christopher Lee in his iconic Dracula role — dripping fangs, bloodshot eyes, and all.

Famous Monsters Ack-Ives Volume 2: The House of Hammer
Quick Stats!

-120 blood-dripping pages
-Only $16.99
-Sanjulian Cover Art
-Forry’s RIP tribute to director Terence Fisher
-Previews of recent films LET ME IN and THE WOMAN IN BLACK
-Exclusive content on Hammer’s future plans
-Commentary and Famous Monsters Fun Facts

The Hammer Horror edition of the Ack-Ives is up for preorder NOW and will ship in early August!