“No loose ends.”

Stop-motion filmmaker Adam Ciolfi (previously profiled by FM for BROKEN, his brilliant epilogue take on THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE) has created a nightmarish masterpiece in FILTH, which is now available to watch on YouTube after its impressive and award-winning film festival run.

FILTH, a black and white beast of a short that somehow manages to pack the power of a full-length feature into fifteen minutes, follows the story of a seemingly immortal man as he attempts to track down whoever is trying to kill him. Through brutal torture, leads from junkies, and his own violent flashbacks, the man ends up in the basement of one known only as Brain Rot, where he’s forced to face the truth — as well as one of her animated slave monsters.

Basically, if you took James Whale’s FRANKENSTEIN, Frank Miller’s SIN CITY, a dash of Tim Burton, and some Cronenberg-style body horror and crushed them together in a panini grill to make a short film sandwich, you’d get something like FILTH. It’s truly a joy to behold.

Watch the full film below, and prepare for badassery. [This probably goes without saying, but FILTH contains extreme violence and harsh language and is definitely not appropriate for kiddies. Use your discretion.]


To learn more about FILTH and Ciolfi’s other projects, visit his WordPress blog, Facebook, and Twitter.