Hank Barrymore has summoned a demon.

A minor demon, to be sure. Nybbas, the demon of knowledge, is easily held by a spell that Hank has perfected since first stumbling upon the occult at World Studios a year earlier. Since Shirley was whisked away by a dragon, Hank’s determination to find her has become slightly obsessive, and he’s determined to get information from Nybbas about dimensional gateways, as they might be the clue to Shirley’s whereabouts.

Barrymore gets answers that eventually lead him to a dust bowl farm in Oklahoma, a powered-up farm kid, and three demonic visitors from the past who make Nybbas look like a kitten!

MONSTER WORLD: THE GOLDEN AGE is the second arc in AGP’s flagship series, but it’s a new beginning all on its own. Curious readers are welcome to rewind and discover the first arc, but this is by no means necessary. THE GOLDEN AGE stands alone as an original story that is perfect for fans of comic book stalwarts like HELLBLAZER as well as popular television shows like SUPERNATURAL.

Artist Piotr Kowalski, currently wowing readers on Titan Comics’ ongoing series BLOODBORNE, takes you into the world where Humphrey Bogart movies and ancient demons meet. He has help from colorist Dennis Calero, who has mastered both noir and horror throughout his career, and letterer and longtime graphic designer Jenn Pham.

The story is an original concept from AGP publisher Philip Kim, who also helmed the sequel to BROKEN MOON. Editor Holly Interlandi, author of LAST SONG from Black Mask Studios, scripts the issue, with PROJECT NEMESIS cover artist Jorge Marrero acting as art director.

MONSTER WORLD: THE GOLDEN AGE Issue 1 comes with two covers, one by interior artists Piotr Kowalski and Dennis Calero, and one by horror stalwart Nat Jones (’68).

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