Right on the heels of his successful appearance at our Silver Scream Festival in Santa Rosa, Robert Englund has been cast opposite fan fave Lin Shaye (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, OUIJA, INSIDIOUS) in an indie horror flick called THE MIDNIGHT MAN, which is to be directed by Travis Z, who directed the recent CABIN FEVER remake.


According to The Wrap, the film “is based on the old pagan ritual the Midnight Game, though it doubles as an American remake of Rob Kennedy’s low-budget 2013 feature of the same name that was made in Ireland.”

The story revolves around a girl and her friends who play the Midnight Game, which brings about the titular Midnight Man, who terrorizes them using their own fears against them.


In another corner of Hollyweird, the erstwhile Thelma Dickinson, Oscar winner Geena Davis, has been cast as Angela Rance in Fox’s upcoming series THE EXORCIST, based on William Peter Blatty’s classic horror novel, which has, obviously, already been adapted in film form in 1973 in what is widely considered the best horror movie ever made.



It’s a little unclear, but it appears Davis (BEETLEJUICE, THE FLY, EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY) will be in the role previously played by Ellen Burstyn (who nabbed an Oscar nom for her trouble). The biggest question is whether Davis can pull off Burstyn’s wool-knit-hat look.…

The Exorcist_Ellen Burstyn_1973

Across town, living legend Robert Redford (CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER) and Jason Segel (THE MUPPETS, DESPICABLE ME) are joining Rooney Mara (PAN) in the sci-fi romance THE DISCOVERY.


Directed by Charlie McDowell (THE ONE I LOVE), the film takes place in a world where the afterlife has been confirmed, so people are control-alt-deleting themselves in order to start over. Something I think we can all relate to!