Pinhead-heads, rejoice: More HELLRAISER graphic novel goodness is coming your way.

People just can’t get enough of the Cenobites, it seems. HELLRAISER: ANTHOLOGY VOLUME ONE, published by Clive Barker’s own Seraphim Comics in April to much acclaim and excitement, was such a runaway hit that a second volume in the series will hit Barker’s official store in September. Not only will this volume feature more stories by returning writers Ben Meares, Christan Francis, and Mark Alan Miller (including, it appears, a sequel to our favorite from the first volume, “Pin-occhio”) and extraordinary artists Riley Schmitz, Mark Torres, and Daniele Serra; but the Chattering Cenobite himself, Nicholas Vince, has penned a brand new Chatterer origin story (with accompanying illustrations from Barker) for inclusion in the anthology as well.

From the press release:

Said Vince, “I’m beyond excited to finally share a story I drafted in December 2012. It’s worth the wait, as it’s found its spiritual home beside wonderful illustrations by Clive, and amongst superb storytellers.”

The anthology is edited and compiled by Ben Meares and designed and lettered by Christian Francis.

“I think, with the first anthology, we managed to put out a book that reminded people why HELLRAISER works so well in comics,” said Meares. “It’s a wildly versatile mythos, and with this second volume we get to explore with even more variety the possibilities within the world that Clive has so graciously allowed us to play in. Volume Two will feature more stories, more pages, and more creators than Volume One. I’ve been absolutely floored with the original, fresh, and brilliant stories everyone involved has contributed.”

Famous Monsters is particularly pleased that so many contributors to our own TALES FROM THE ACKER-MANSION anthology have made their way into the world of HELLRAISER comics!

HELLRAISER ANTHOLOGY: VOLUME TWO will be available as a hardcover, first at Son of Monsterpalooza in Pasadena, CA, September 15-17, then at shortly thereafter.