Nursing is one of the most admirable professions out there, right behind the few brave souls who sacrifice so much — like good hygiene or the simple joy that comes from knowing what day of the week it is without having to rely on a calendar — to keep you updated on your favorite spooky video games. I’m fairly certain the vast majority of nurses have little to no interest in skinning innocent teenagers alive in front of their friends, but if Silent Hill has taught me anything, it’s that you should absolutely be wary of the ones who dress like mummies.

In related news, a blood-spattered nurse wrapped head to toe in dirty bandages was recently introduced to Behaviour Digital’s asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight in the free content update, The Last Breath. The Nurse is joined by a new survivor — a woman named Nea Karlsson — and a new map set inside the obviously haunted Crotus Prenn Asylum.

New Features:
Added a new location (Crotus Prenn Asylum)
Added a new map for Crotus Prenn Asylum (Disturbed Ward)
Added a new Survivor Perk (Kindred)
Added chat functionality to the Tally Screen
Added support for Controls remapping
Added various prompts to indicate Easy-Anti Cheat banned status
New Killer Character Available (The Nurse)
New Survivor Character Available (Nea Karlsson)
Tooltip for add-ons has a mention to indicate that they can’t be equipped