Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is practically a superhero himself. And now he’s going to play one onscreen.

Johnson posted on Instagram that he was taking on the role of the iconic Doc Savage, calling him “the world’s first superhero.” The film, to be written and directed by Shane Black, who’s enjoying a critical renaissance with the release of his summer comedy THE NICE GUYS, will be based on the 1930s and ’40s pulp fiction adventurer who predates Superman (and was actually an inspiration for the Man of Steel).

Rock Instagram

The Wrap says of the intrepid hero, “The MacGyver of his time, Savage was a physician, surgeon, scientist, adventurer, inventor, explorer, researcher and musician, known for his superhuman abilities in smarts and strength. The virtual Swiss Army knife of comic-book heroes, Savage has a photographic memory, is a master of disguise, and can imitate voices — along with having masterful martial arts skills.”


Savage was the star of novels, films, radio serials, and comic books, so there’s a lot of material to draw from to create a franchise. Johnson, who’s successfully transitioned from wrestler to legit movie star in films like SAN ANDREAS, the FAST & FURIOUS series, and THE SCORPION KING, said his #1 reason for wanting to play the Man of Bronze, is because he’s a “hilarious weirdo.” What do you think? Can you see Johnson as Savage?