It’s time for Famous Monsters’ annual helping of horrible holiday gifts!

We know horror. We know monsters. We know how monster lovers think. So how could we not help you out this holiday season with perfect purchases for horror and monster maniacs everywhere?

But this is no ordinary gift guide. See, most publishers offer only items from their own catalogue. We’ve decided to branch out and point you to all the most awesome stuff — whether it’s sold on Captain Company or not. (That being said, we do have some pretty sweet items to offer this year, including apparel with designs based on Sideshow’s Court of the Dead.)

Read on, monster lovers, and here’s hoping you find something spooky and special for your favorite person.

Shock Monster and Vampire Girl Enamel Pins
Famous Monsters of Filmland
$11.99 each

Based off the vintage masks advertised in the backs of Famous Monsters magazines, these brand new enamel pins will ensure that any bag or hat you put them on becomes instantaneously goth — and who doesn’t need that superpower, right?

WHO’S IT FOR? Pin hoarders and covert horror fanatics who want to show with a single image where their loyalties lie.

The Countryman Press
$24.95 (list price, online prices may vary)

“The best thing about Mike Slater’s NECRONOMNOMNOM is this: it’s a cookbook that works on three different levels. First, novelty value, as you take in the gorgeous illustrations by Kurt Komoda, hilarious instructions, and clever recipe titles (‘The Muesli of Erich Zann’, ‘Gin and Miskatonic’). Second, it’s a legitimate cookbook, so you can flip to the ‘translations’ in the back that allow you to make the food for real. And finally, once you make the dishes, a revelation occurs: they look like Lovecraftian monsters, from noodles as tentacles to fried eggs for eyeballs. A true joy.” —Holly, Executive Editor

WHO’S IT FOR? Cultist cooks.

Casket Carry Case

For when you absolutely, positively do NOT want anyone else to touch your luggage, or you are absolutely, positively determined to have the world’s gothiest meet-cute at the airport. This is the ultimate gift for any morbid jet-setter.

WHO’S IT FOR? Horror fans who like travelling, or people who really want to make a statement in class.

Court of the Dead Death Tee
Famous Monsters x Court of the Dead

He’s here: the Court of the Dead’s namesake and grim reaper himself, designed in truly horrifying fashion by our friends at Sideshow Collectibles and now making his t-shirt debut. If you’re looking to intimidate your fellow shoppers at the grocery store or just look like the ultimate badass at the gym, this shirt has everything you’re looking for.

WHO’S IT FOR? Coroners, funeral workers, and morgue assistants with a punk sensibility.

Invisible Man ReAction Figure
Super 7

ReAction figures are designed to look like old Kenner figures from the 70s and 80s to really bring that sense of nostalgia. As we get ready for Blumhouse’s new INVISIBLE MAN movie, revisit the Universal original with ReAction’s Invisible Man! You could also grab it as a last-minute gift for a DC fan and pretend it’s Larry Trainor in a new outfit. (Just kidding. Don’t do this.)

WHO’S IT FOR? Collectors and people who are thrilled that the new Dark Universe doesn’t seem to be a total bust after all.

Adult Coloring Book: Scary Books with Over 25 Designs of The Most Evil Villains & Monsters From Horror Movie for Adults

Chucky Nightmare
$8.99 (List price, online prices may vary)

“It’s the adult coloring book we’ve all been waiting for. Filled with pages of our favorite monsters from the past 30 years.” —Jorge, Associate Editor

WHO’S IT FOR? Serial killers who are looking to expand beyond painting blood on the walls… or, you know, just people who like to color. That works too.

Creature from the Black Lagoon Tin Tote
Factory Entertainment

This is the perfect lunchbox to bring to work if you’re a cleaning lady at some ambiguous semi-scientific institution who is slowly making friends with the mysterious creature they’re keeping in a tank. Unrelated, how many hard-boiled eggs do you think could fit in here?

WHO’S IT FOR? Really cool kids or people who need a place to keep old monster action figures safe from harm.

Death Wish Coffin Chocolate
Death Wish Coffee

It’s a chocolate skeleton flavored with the world’s best coffee, and it comes in a coffin. What more is there to say?

WHO’S IT FOR? “It’s for me. Buy this for me, please.” —Jason, Marketing Manager

Holiday Fear and Cheer Bundle Set
Famous Monsters of Filmland

This year’s Famous Monsters Fear Bundle includes an exclusively colored variant of Henry Hull in 1935’s WEREWOLF OF LONDON as seen on the cover of Famous Monsters #49, while the Cheer Bundle boasts artwork from #39 of FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD! Both come with one of three exclusive art prints. But why choose between them? Fear and Cheer can be bought together, and when you do so, you get a free bag featuring the iconic cover art for Famous Monsters’ 100th issue. Now that’s a bargain.

WHO’S IT FOR? Anyone. Literally anyone.

Baby Godzilla Resin Sculpture

“Because Baby Godzilla is best.” —Jenn, Art Director

WHO’S IT FOR? Chibi kaiju enthusiasts who can’t get enough cute!

Sic Transit Gloria Blanket
Strike Gently

The glory of the world quickly passes by. Luckily, so do we! Commemorate the transition in eerie fashion with this spooky blanket.

WHO’S IT FOR? Fans of death and Latin.



Tending a lighthouse might be a rare profession these days, but keeping yourself clean and moisturized certainly isn’t. Perfect for that friend that won’t stop singing sea shanties to you, or anyone else who seems to have a unsettling fascination with mermaids and bright lights.

WHO’S IT FOR? Aspiring wickies, people on the run from their past, or anyone who’s just stoked to have gay subtext in their horror movies (woo).

Beaux Arts
$20.08 (online prices may vary)

“Whether you have friend who needs a crash course in the history of horror cinema or you just want to don your coffee table with a book that dives deep into the best genre in filmmaking, this is a definte must-have. It covers silent classics like THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI all the way to genre-redefining gems like THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, with hundreds of large crisp images that are paired with excerpts from the filmmakers themselves.” —Jorge, Associate Editor

WHO’S IT FOR? Clueless relatives who should know more about your obsession!

American Gothic Press Horror-Sci Fi Trade Bundle
American Gothic Press

American Gothic Press has your holiday reading sorted! This special bundle comes with four trade paperbacks that run the gamut on comic book tropes: post-apocalyptic horror (BROKEN MOON), mecha and tentacles (GUNSUITS), science fiction space opera (BORNHOME), and detective noir with a supernatural twist (MONSTER WORLD).

WHO’S IT FOR? Your significant other who keeps coming home from the library with “nothing to read”.

Court of the Dead Mourner’s Call Game
Sideshow Collectibes x Project Raygun

Have you been collecting the Court of the Dead figures and reading the tomes? Well, now you can personally experience the struggles of hell and battle with your friends for the Alltaker’s favor. Sideshow teamed up with Project Raygun to create their very own tabletop game, inspired by the thrills of Dungeons and Dragons without the hassle of creating character sheets.

WHO’S IT FOR? Those looking to crank their tabletop experience up to 11.

CASTLEVANIA Original Video Game Soundtrack LP

“CASTLEVANIA carries a legacy that few horror games have been able to match, and now you can experience the nostalgia of the original game on an all-new vinyl — complete with artwork by the awesomely talented Becky Cloonan! Put it on the record player, light some candles, pop your velvet collar, and enjoy.” —Holly, Executive Editor

WHO’S IT FOR? Eight-bit vampires and their fans.

The Game Kitchen

“There’s no concise way to say how good this game is, so I’ll keep it short and sweet: if you ever wished you could play a Metroidvania-type side-scrolling platformer that combined all the aesthetics of Bloodborne and Dark Souls with THE EXORCIST, you have to play this.” —Jason, Marketing Manager

WHO’S IT FOR? People who miss their SNES, afficionados of religious horror, and whoever feels like the best Blizzard games are Diablo 1 and 2.

Rewind or Die Mug


Some of you may remember the days of peeling lime green “HORROR” stickers at the video store, and little labels on each VHS saying “Be kind, rewind!” It looks like this particular video store worker had their fill of people forgetting to rewind the tapes and moved on to making all-out threats.

WHO’S IT FOR? People who remember haunting the horror VHS section at Blockbuster.

Famous Monsters Fan Club Pullover Hoodie
Famous Monsters of Filmland

It’s the club everyone wants to be in. Well, good news: all you have to do to join is love monsters! That’s it. Zero monthly fee. Brag about your membership with our brand new retro hoodie.

WHO’S IT FOR? Monster lovers. Who else?

Camp Slasher Pajama Set

You’re never too old for all-over-print pajamas. Do have a family who insists on Christmas being spent in PJs all day, or do you just treat 80s slasher movies like Saturday morning cartoons? If you said “both”, you should probably grab a set of these.

WHO’S IT FOR? Any horror fan that wants to feel like a kid again.

Evil Dead 2 Chainsaw Glass Ornament

The bright pop of red on this glass ornament might make it fit in on the family tree well enough so that your fussy aunt won’t throw a fit that there’s a bloody chainsaw in the middle of your Christmas tree. Groovy.

WHO’S IT FOR? People who enjoy nontraditional decorations, Bruce Campbell lovers, and Sam Raimi fans in general.


Canterbury Classics
$24.99 (list price, online prices may vary)

Bestselling Tolkien historian David Day returns with possibly the most important book about Middle Earth yet. This leather-bound beauty covers the LORD OF THE RINGS scribe’s A-Zs of locations, people, species, and everything in between.

WHO’S IT FOR? Anyone determined to give Stephen Colbert a run for his money when it comes to knowledge of Tolkien lore.

HELLRAISER III Lament Configuration Coaster Set

Wondering how to hock a little horror onto your house guests who may not appreciate blood and gore as much as you do? Serve drinks on these. We can’t guarantee the evening won’t end in the use of massive meat-hooks, though.

WHO’S IT FOR? Those who do not wish to experience the pain/pleasure of condensation rings on the coffee table.

Skull Liquor Decanter Set
Home Wet Bar

“The dead prefer their spirits served a certain way. This set will bring your party to life as you serve drinks for your guests, both living and dead!” —Chase, Social Media Manager

WHO’S IT FOR? Horror enthusiasts just dying to entertain.

Gentleman Ghost in the Mirror

If you really want to freak out visitors and ensure that some of them never come over again, this wall sculpture is the perfect piece of art to hang in the hallway. It’s designed to look like a regular mirror… except, well, there’s a ghost coming out of it. Ingenius. Best of all, it glows in the dark for maximum terror!

WHO’S IT FOR? Sadistic homeowners, or collectors of freaky things.

Horrorscope Shower Curtain

There are definitely no iconic scenes in horror movies that take place in the shower, right? I absolutely cannot think of a single one. Seems like an untapped opportunity, but it’s never too late to bring the scares to the tub with this awesome shower curtain from Threadless.

WHO’S IT FOR? Anyone who’s sick of a boring old shower curtain with no graphics on it.

Vintage Gill Man Giant Drawstring Bag
Famous Monsters of Filmland

Hey, you’re going to need somewhere to put all this loot when you’re done shopping, right?

WHO’S IT FOR? You. Because you’re worth it.


Wishing everyone a happy and monster-filled holiday season!