The Truth is Out There! THE X-FILES returns to TV on January 24th, kicking off a six-episode miniseries event on FOX with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson back in fine form as Mulder and Scully.

FM Editor David Weiner spoke with X-FILES creator Chris Carter about the impetus to bring the show back to television, how it addresses world changes over the past decade, and what to expect from the new episodes.

Famous Monsters: Do you credit fan demand and the power of social media as a critical factor in convincing the FOX brass to give the series a green light?

Chris Carter: I think it was twofold. I think that it was certainly that there is still a hard-core audience out there for it, and a vocal audience. But it’s now in fashion to bring back old titles and to dust them off and take advantage of the familiarity of titles.

FM. The world has changed a lot since THE X-FILES left the air. How has the world within the show evolved in the context of your new story?

CC. It’s changed in that it takes place in a contemporary context, a new modern context, where we live in a CITIZENFOUR world now. Where 14 years ago there may have been absolute trust in the government, I think we’re seeing fissures in that sort of blind trust.

FM. The kick-off episode has a very interesting and unexpected twist on the Roswell story, alien abductions, and alien technology. What can you tease about that and how it plays out over the course of the miniseries?

CC. Well, we took advantage of well-established folklore and what is a mythology apart from the X-FILES mythology, but certainly central to it, which is the idea that in the 1940s there were a series of crashes that are believed to have been UFOs, some of which may have been recovered. And we make that a part of our contemporary storytelling by connecting the two in an interesting way.

FM. Would you consider this X-FILES miniseries accessible to casual fans and new recruits to the show? Or do you need to be really caught up on the details and conspiracy theories of the past episodes?

CC. I think it strikes a balance, and we do a quick catch-up at the very beginning of the episode that I think really lays out what the show is, the ground that it has covered in its long run, and where we might find it now. That was by design because we do want to attract new viewers.

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