The full extended Famous monsters Podcast from the Comic-Con at Home showing. Filled with more battles and more banter.

Famous Monsters podcast crew, Jorge “The-Jack-Of-All-Trades” Marrero and Jason “The Falcon” Ioannou, are joined by fellow podcasters Matt Corrigan and Aaron McLane of The Launchpad podcast to play a game called “Body Count”! The game pits iconic monsters like the Wolf Man, Pennywise, and Pumpkinhead against each other to see who can collect the most victims. And there’s a catch, of course: the randomized victims won’t be completely helpless! Enter powerhouses like the Dream Warriors and the space marines from Aliens. Every battle will take place in a different setting–from the foggy English moors of American Werewolf to the House on Haunted Hill! It’s the best kind of monster battle roulette from the experts who know their every secret move and is sure to result in both riotous laughter and impassioned debates.

Hosted by Famous Monsters Production Manager Jorge Marrero aka The Jack of All Trades and Jason “The Falcon” with special guests Matt Corrigan and Aaron McLane of The Launchpad Podcast.

Remember to use #FMBodycount when choosing a winner on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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