It’s been a busy week in Hollywood! Check out some highlights below and then head off to see DEADPOOL again. We know you were at the Thursday previews … We all were, which is why Ryan Reynolds’ revamped superhero broke box-office records. The $12.7 million dollars it raked in Thursday night was more than any other R-rated movie had in the whole history of ever. Both fans and critics are in love with it. Even Last Golden Girl Standing Betty White raved about it! (Warning: NSFW language, so listen with your earbuds!)


• Following in the wake of MTV’s successful SCREAM (and Fox’s less successful SCREAM QUEENS), Freeform (the erstwhile ABC Family) is jumping on the horror bandwagon with DEAD OF SUMMER. Conceived by ONCE UPON A TIME creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, the show cast two of the stars from their fairy-tale series: Elizabeth Mitchell, who played Ingrid, and Elizabeth Lail, who played Anna. (Mitchell, of course, also played Juliet Burke on LOST!) The two are set to play counselors at a Midwestern summer camp in the late ’80s where things go very, very wrong. Love the classic set-up but they better beware of hockey masks!

Lost, Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet Burke

• Destination America is set to premiere the six-episode series GHOST BROTHERS April 15. Billed as the first African-American paranormal investigation show, the series stars three real-life best friends — Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey, and Juwan Mass — who will investigate spooky settings with comedic flair. As Spratt says, “The best part about GHOST BROTHERS is that THIS time the black guys make it out of the haunted house alive!” Dude! Spoiler alert!



• Universal may have bumbled its werewolf flick, THE WOLFMAN, six years ago, but it’s still hoping to mine its vault of classic monsters. Having already signed Tom Cruise for its reboot of THE MUMMY, the studio revealed this week that another one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, Johnny Depp, is on board to play the titular character in THE INVISIBLE MAN. Not many details about the plot have been released, but the story — based on the classic H.G. Wells novel — is set to take place in the present day. Can you see Johnny in the role? I can’t! Because he’s the Invisible Man! Do you get it? DOYOUGETIT?! Come on … It’s Friday! Give me a break!


• NBC’s brought on Bryan Fuller (PUSHING DAISIES, HANNIBAL, WONDERFALLS) as co-creator and showrunner of its upcoming reboot of STAR TREK. Fuller actually began his career writing for STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE and STAR TREK: VOYAGER, so he’s well versed in the mythology!


• And did you know it’s the seventh annual Women in Horror month? We did, so we created a bracket of “Final Girls” on our Facebook page. Our second poll is up and this week Jamie Lee Curtis (HALLOWEEN, PROM NIGHT, THE FOG, TERROR TRAIN, et al), Heather Langenkamp (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), Shauna MacDonald (THE DESCENT), and Amy Steel (FRIDAY THE 13TH PART II, APRIL FOOL’S DAY) are battling to reign supreme, so head over and vote for your favorite. Next week we’ll post the third and final poll and then we’ll have the winners of each face off until we determine who the real Final Girl is!


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