Free Comic Book Day was this past Saturday, and to mark the occasion, we’ve put together a list of comic books that are based on iconic horror and sci-fi movies!


Ash Williams has shown up in more comics than we can count, be it a comic tie-in to his adventures in ARMY OF DARKNESS and the EVIL DEAD movies or a crossover with any number of other famous comic book or horror movie characters. He’s faced off against the likes of Dracula, Freddy, Jason, the Marvel Zombies, and of course, as seen above in ASH VS THE ARMY OF DARKNESS Issue #0 with a cover by Nick Bradshaw, the Deadites. Sam Raimi’s cult series is still going strong on the screen, too, with ASH VS. EVIL DEAD season 3 currently in development.


One of the most iconic villains of all time, Freddy Kreuger began appearing in comic books in 1989, and since then has shown up in series from several publishers including Marvel, Trident Comics, and Avatar Press. The NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET comics depict tie-in stories and even an adaptation of FREDDY’S DEAD: THE FINAL NIGHTMARE, which included a more graphic version of Robert Englund’s favorite Freddy kill (see above)!


Like his fellow legendary slasher villain Freddy, Jason Voorhees has been featured in numerous comic series over the years, complete with crossovers, movie tie-ins, and even sequels. One of the most popular was the FRIDAY THE 13TH series published by Wildstorm in 2006, with art by Adam Archer and Peter Guzman, seen above. The latest piece of Sean Cunningham‘s celebrated franchise is the FRIDAY THE 13TH video game, due to be released May 16.


Godzilla has been featured in Japanese comics since he first appeared on the big screen in 1954, with nearly every one of the Japanese GODZILLA films getting at least one comic adaptation. US publishers began producing comics starring Godzilla in 1976, including a 24-issue series called GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS by Marvel, featuring Godzilla encountering various characters such as the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and Spiderman. The latest installment of the legendary GODZILLA franchise is SHIN GODZILLA, winner of 7 Japan Academy Prizes, soon to be followed up with the first-ever anime in the franchise’s long history.


Clive Barker’s cult hit HELLRAISER is another franchise that began getting comic tie-ins soon after the movie was released. Epic Comics (an imprint of Marvel) published over a dozen HELLRAISER series from 1989-1994. Boom! Studios began to release additional comics in 2011, including HELLRAISER: THE DARK WATCH, drawn by Tom Garcia and Janusz Ordon. A new reboot of the film series, titled HELLRAISER: JUDGEMENT, is due for release later this year, with Paul T. Taylor as Pinhead himself.


Like Ash, The Predator has been featured in dozens of both its own series and crossover comics since 1989. All the original comics have been published by Dark Horse and range from movie adaptations to side stories, including Predator 2009 by John Arcudi And Javier Saltares. The Predator has also faced off against Batman, Judge Dredd, Superman, and even Archie Andrews (yes, that Archie, from Riverdale).