Hey there, creeps! I have a great guest here in the ol’ Crypt o’ XIII today: prolific genre die-rector Henrique Couto! H.C. is here to give us the world premiere exclusive diabolical deets on his upcomin’ fright flick, AMITYVILLE: NO ESCAPE (the official die-scription of which reads: “A group of college students go into the deep woods of the most haunted town in America to better understand fear… and they found it”)!

Famous Monsters. For those among the Coffin Club that may not be familiar with you, tell us a bit about yerself, and how you came up with the idea to delve into the arcane Amityville universe!

Henrique Couto. I’m a horror movie lover, and that developed into wanting to make them. I’ve produced/directed 13 films to this day, with around 60% of them being horror. I loved the idea of expanding on the horror-scape of Amityville by going into the wilderness of the notorious town and see what lurks in the darkness.

FM. I was always a huge fan of the Amityville episode of In Search Of… (it’s actually scarier than the flick, in my opinion). Did ya bone up on that one before you started your film? How about the original recipe flick?

HC. I’ve loved Amityville movies. We did veer away from the Lutz family and the elements of the original books entirely (we had no desire to rip them off) and went in our own direction. I’ve seen all the films and read four of the books. The documentaries for TV that have been done on it certainly put a lot more fear in me than anything else, though.

FM. What sort of hardships did you encounter makin’ AMITYVILLE: NO ESCAPE? Any giant pig attacks?

HC. We shot during a truly weird time of year, and the first evening we filmed it was hot we were trying to keep ice water at the ready while filming all night long. However, the next day we were struggling to keep hot coffee coming because we could see our breath in the air!

FM. You have made a ton of top-shelf fright flicks, so I’m guessin you’re a fan of the genre. What are some of the films that inspired you to pursue a career in the horror biz?

HC. I grew up being obsessed with A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. I had the first 6 films on VHS and wore them out. The other one I wore out was FRIGHT NIGHT; I couldn’t get enough of that film, but I think my romance toward the genre will always be with the films we haven’t seen yet. The strange and bizarre, sitting on a shelf when the film is just a poster and a title… it is SO alluring. I remember having to wait 6 years to be allowed to rent SLEEPAWAY CAMP. I love the actual film but that mystery was incredible!

FM. What sort of nightmare biz do ya have comin’ up, and where can we keep up with you online?

HCI have a new horror film in development to start shooting very soon, as well as a creature feature. Neither of these are ready to be announced yet, but we are getting there! My ghostly shock ALONE IN THE GHOST HOUSE (which I have already given a revoltin’ review right here! – XIII) will be available nationwide on August 9th! I highly recommend you friend me on Facebook to keep up with my goings-on.

FM. Fangs, Henrique! I know the Coffin Club will be keepin’ their putrid peepers peeled for more info about the flick (and it’ll be easy to do just that if ya follow the flick’s official Facebook page!).