• RELEASE DATE: Available Now on DVD

  • WRITTEN BY: Brandon Trask

  • DIRECTED BY: Kevin Van Stevenson

  • STARRING: Danny Hansen, Frankie Ray, Shenik Taylor

ON THE BRAIN begins with a newly appointed sheriff with a troubled past slowly beginning to realize that the small town of Golden Torch is in some seriously dire straits.

OK, I said “slowly”; what I meant was he immediately realizes s—t is seriously “off” when some of the locals turn into slobbering, violent, sex- crazed monsters in a convenience store. Too bad his boss, the town’s ball-breaking mayor, doesn’t believe a word of what our hero says.

Well, more and more of these psychotic murder machines keep showin’ up, and it’s up to our hero the sheriff and his physician girlfriend to try and solve the monstrous mystery while avoiding getting shot by that damn mayor (who naturally blames “city folk,” including the sheriff, for all of the grisly goings-on).


Looks like the sheriff has something ON THE BRAIN. … Hopefully it isn’t “Where the hell did I leave my gun?” …

ON THE BRAIN is a fun one, my creeps. Its “horror ravaging a bucolic setting packed with off-kilter characters” brings to mind ’80s fare such as CHILDREN OF THE CORN and CRITTERS (in tone if not in terms of the origins of the horror at hand), and the monster action is thankfully frequent (and mostly CG free, minus a few subtle enhancements). Overall, the characters are interesting, as is the plot (which, without giving away the McGuffin, really harks back to ’70s-era fright flicks).


Much like the sheriff, this dude has something ON THE BRAIN. … “Argggh, ungghhh …”

While a low-budget film, ON THE BRAIN doesn’t bear the earmarks of those constraints (minus a few bits of dodgy acting here and there and some ADR that seemed louder than it should). Overall, things run at a brisk pace (minus a few scenes that could have been shorn a bit to keep things moving), and the horror biz elements are fine indeed with the infected going completely bat s—t and offering a palpable sense of terror.

All in all, I recommend checkin’ this one out. It’s a fun lil’ fright flick that breezes by (for the most part) and offers some decent thrills!