• RELEASE DATE: Available Now on DVD

  • WRITTEN BY: James Morgart

  • DIRECTED BY: Debbie Rochon

  • STARRING: Lynn Lowry, Tiffany Shepis, Brian Fortune

Scream Queen and genre legend Debbie Rochon steps behind the camera to call the shots on her die-rectorial die-but, the models-makin’-mayhem fright flick MODEL HUNGER. Let’s see if this beauty has the beastly goods or if it’s just ugly inside and out.

Ginny, a model cast to the four winds by an industry that didn’t welcome her body type, has turned to a life of blood-soaked homicide as rejection just ain’t her thang. Enter her nosy next-door neighbor, Debbie, who becomes preoccupied with Ginny’s strange behavior. Before long these two loony ladies collide in a whirlwind orgy of cannibalism, obsession, and carnage!


Ginny has a MODEL HUNGER … because she’s a straight-up cannibal!

Shot on a low budget and dealing with themes made popular in (somewhat) larger films such as STARRY EYES and NEON DEMON, MODEL HUNGER is nevertheless an entertaining flick. For starters, genre vets Lowry and Shepis both turn in strong performances in the lead roles. Additionally, Rochon’s directing is solid. The film looks good and is shot well, and that is sometimes not the case with a first-time director working on a tight financial leash.

The story, while derivative, still manages to be engaging enough. The main flaw is the lack of some character background material that would have helped us get in the character’s head space a bit more, but that’s a minor complaint as the narrative moved at a great pace and was never boring or padded.

Hmm...I hope my neighbor isn't eating anyone next door...

Hmmm … I hope my neighbor isn’t eating anyone next door. …

The one element that surprised me was the restraint utilized when it came to the abundance of the ol’ red sauce. This flick plays it light on gore except for a few rather grisly sequences … and, man-o-man, when the s—t hits the fan the gruesome grue is tight and out of sight!

All in all this is a solid start for Rochon in her role as director and I look forward to seeing where this new direction takes her next!