•             RELEASE DATE: Coming Soon! Head here to keep up on the latest info!
•             DIRECTED BY: Brendan Jackson Rogers
•             STARRING: Fred Lass, Malone Thomas, Mitch Hyman

Sometimes (like maybe 400-500 hundred times a week) I sit down and think, “What if a werewolf were to come from the bucolic lil’ town (aka the white trash mecca of the universe) I spent my misspent youth in?” Today I got the answer to my question in spades as I sat down and focused my eerie eyeballs on BUBBA THE REDNECK WEREWOLF!

After losing Bobbie Jo (Thomas), the girl of his dreams, to a dude with a sweet double-wide and a de-lux style 4-slice toaster, Bubba (Lass) a big-hearted if slightly mentally challenged fella, vows to do anything to win Bobbie’s heart. So of course he sells his soul to the Devil (Hyman), who gleefully accepts and turns him into a werewolf. The Devil also hangs around town being a prize-winning (and completely hysterical) d–k who delights in screwing over anyone foolish enough to sell their soul to him (which is like half the town). It is then up to ol’ Bubba to solve this lil’ die-lemma.

Low-budget, low-brow, completely ridiculous, and packed to the gills with heart (just like I love ‘em), I found BUBBA THE REDNECK WEREWOLF to be a real winner. The whole affair plays out like a live-action cartoon (the montage of the Devil’s antics around town alone is like a demented LOONEY TUNES short) and that is fitting considering this flick is based on a humor comic from the 90s—albeit one with a decidedly adult tone in regards to the blood and babes.

This is the perfect flick to kick back with, down a beer or 20, and forget about your troubles for a bit. I mean, how could you not when you view the adventures of  a hard drinking, cigar chomping werewolf battling the Devil! The world could stand a lil’ more fun like the kind offered up here!




•             RELEASE DATE: Available now on DVD
•             WRITTEN BY: Douglas Conner, Brian Dorton, Joseph Graham, Manuel Marín
•             DIRECTED BY: Brian Dorton, Joseph Graham, Manuel Marín, Lee Matthews, Douglas Conner, Ignacio Martín Lerma
•             STARRING: Nick Frangione, Artem Mishin, Jan Cornet

Horror anthologies: these s–ts are the all the rage these days, and as is my sworn duty, I have to sit through about 4,567 of these puppies a year. Now, that being said, I dig on these things, as you generally get a few peanut butter filled yummies sandwiched between your nugget filled disappointments… wait, what am I reviewing again? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it isn’t that box of chocolates I just worked my way through, is it? What? Horror anthologies… All right, let’s tune our terror tubes to THE HORROR NETWORK and see if we get diabetes or somethin’…

So, here’s what ya get story wise from ol’ THN: a chilling lil’ mood piece of an opener about a young woman receiving some really bizarre phone calls in the middle of the night, a dude’s struggles with the war of good and evil and the effects on his psyche, a deaf girl being stalked on her way home from school, a mother and daughter confronting demons brought on by an abusive father, and to round out this putrid package of a preternatural picture, a real sick cat doing some nasty things in the name of God.

The first thing that will hit you about THE HORROR NETWORK is that it’s a nearly humorless affair, unlike most films of this ilk that have been produced CREEPSHOW A.D. A good number of these stories are some depraved, vile s–t, which should be music to the ears of horror hounds everywhere! I also really enjoyed that each of these yarns couldn’t be more different in subject matter or execution (and some of them get insanely ambitious for being low budget shorts… some studio pics could learn a thing or two here, my fiends) yet tonally they all fit together surprisingly well (a problem encountered by more than a few of these arcane anthologies). Additionally, the acting is strong across the board, which is also refreshing in a lower budget flick where sometimes that can be a bit dodgy.

Since you didn’t ask, if I had to pick a fav among the crop it would have to be the fourth tale, “Merry Little Christams”. While its overall theme of abuse brings the above mentioned dark quotient, it’s the really excellent special effects work (including a really gnarly and well executed creature) that make this one shine just a tad brighter than the rest.

All in all, this is like a quality dim sum joint; ya get a lil’ bit of everything and all the s–t tastes good… except instead of dumplings and oh so yummy you get gore and sick to your tummy (what is wrong with me?)!