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•             RELEASE DATE: Available Now on DVD
•             WRITTEN BY: Benjamin Roberds
•             DIRECTED BY:
Benjamin Roberds
•             STARRING:  Eva Boehnke, David Chandler, Maxwell Moody

The only thing I dread more than another woods-based slash-a-thon bein’ pitched o’er my dreary doorstep is yet another freakin’ zombie film. I used to love the lil’ bastards, but now monstrous media is saturated with the gut-munchin’ F’ers. So, imagine the look on my festerin’ face when the mail monster dropped of the new zombie flick A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT. You better thrill me, you S.O.B., you better thrill me.

The very first thing you notice about A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT is that it has one hell of a bizarre tone. The opening scene has two anachronistic characters (more on that in a titch) havin’ a conversation that seems humorous, but is just off kilter enough to make you think some weird s–t is about to go down… aaannd then we learn, via a rather depressing soliloquy, about the world being in the midst of yer standard zombie apocalypse. This disjointed quality is what honestly sets this thing apart from most flicks of its ilk.

The whole strange affair (people still carrying on like normal as zombies roam the land unmolested, characters that seem to have stepped from MAD MEN interacting with modern folks, girls visiting their now zombified boyfriends months after they’ve expired much to the chagrin of some) is really, really clever. It’s low-budget for sure (some of those make-up jobs are dodgy as all f–k, especially in tight close-ups), but the story is quite unlike any zombie picture I’ve e’er laid eerie eyeballs upon and is wholly uninterested in being just another dirt-poor Romero wannabe (although nods are made, of course… the partial black and white photography, some of the characters acting like they are still in the mid 1960s, obligatory long shots of zombies d–kin’ around in fields, etc.).  Now, while all of this is fine and all, at the half hour mark something unexpected  happens that completely reverses the film’s paradigm and s–t really gets nuts!

How nuts? Well, I’m not going to say, for as unbelievable as this is for me to write, I highly recommend this zombie flick for yer vewin’ pleasure! I promise you this, my creeps: you have ne’er seen a walkin’ dead film like this one. It’s unique, imaginative, and cool as all s–t!


Before I crawl back to my coffin… I recently had the chance to briefly chat with one of the stars of the 2015 MARTYRS remake, Bailey Noble!


Famous Monsters. Hey there Bailey! I know your time to chat it up is brief, so let’s get this thing a-rollin’! What sorta challenges were you presented with acting in an emotionally intense film like MARTYRS?

Bailey Noble. Staying so emotionally open during shooting was a challenge all on its own. I was physically and emotionally exhausted by the end of every day, but it was absolutely worth it because I learned so much!

FM. Had you seen the original flick before you started working on the remake, and if so what did you think of it?

BN. I hadn’t seen the original film until I officially booked the job. I was watching the film through a technical eye, so I wasn’t quite as affected by the gore element as most people, but I did really enjoy it!

FM. You’ve been in the horror biz trenches for a while, having worked on TRUE BLOOD, but is there anything within the genre you would like to do but haven’t?

BN. Even though I played a faerie in TRUE BLOOD, I never got to fly, so I think I’d like to fly at some point in my career!

FM. Were you a fan of fright flicks growing up, and if so what were some of your favorite films?

BN. I have always loved horror films! It was a sleepover must growing up! I love THE AMITYVILLE HORROR and THE CONJURING.

FM. What are you working on next, and where can the Coffin Club keep up on your work?

BN. I will be guest starring in episode 3 of FOX‘s upcoming show LUCIFER! I’ve got two more films being released this year, THE WAITING and HARD SELL, and I will continue acting in a few films!  You can follow my Instagram and Twitter for updates!

FM. Fangs, Bailey!


Goodnight sweethearts, it’s time to die!

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