• RELEASE DATE: Available now on Blu-ray

  • WRITTEN BY: Luca Pavetto, Massimo Vavassori

  • DIRECTED BY: Luca Pavetto

  • STARRING: Gabriella Wright, Bret Roberts, Carl Wharton

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A couple heads out to a secluded cabin in the woods where the horror biz becomes the order of the day. Yeah, real original. Well, let’s see if Italy’s THE PERFECT HUSBAND offers us anything new, or if we should just go for an immediate annulment.

Let’s just do the ol’ recap jazz before I offer anything further about the flick. THE PERFECT HUSBAND concerns a couple heading to a cozy lil’ cabin waaay out in the middle of nowhere to try and get some much needed relaxation and to repair their damaged marriage caused by the loss of their child. Well, it doesn’t take long for one of our “heroes” to get a wild hair up their ass and begin to suspect the other of some wrongdoing. Then … holy hell, does this thing get insanely violent!


OK, maybe he isn’t THE PERFECT HUSBAND. …

What starts out as a slow-burn psychological (emphasis on psycho) thriller becomes a brutal survival game filled with some real shockers in terms of the ol’ onscreen violence. Honestly, I was in suspense through this whole thing (which clocks in at a brisk 84-minute run time) where as with most thrillers I’m just bored out of my skull. I liked the characters, and actually cared about what happened to them (another rarity), and overall was just impressed with how this flick took a really dead-horse premise and made it seem fresh (like a live horse??).

The extras on the disc are light, consisting of some behind-the-scenes footage and the short film upon which the feature is based. I did enjoy seeing how the feature progressed from short concept to feature film quite a great deal, but this is one flick I would have loved to have had a commentary track on!

Definitely not THE PERFECT HUSBAND...unless this is your thing...we don't judge here at Famous Monsters...

Definitely not THE PERFECT HUSBAND … unless this is your thing … we don’t judge here at Famous Monsters. …

I highly recommend this one. It’s a great take on hoary genre tropes that bring some real squirm-in-your-seat thrills! Now let’s hope this brings about a new horror renaissance from our fiends in Italy!