San Diego Comic-Con had surprises galore!

Find out the latest on ORPHAN BLACK and Ms. Marvel!

It was difficult enough for us to keep up with Comic-Con this year and we were THERE. Here are some more revelations and surprises that were unveiled in San Diego. Let us know what you think in the comments! Were you there? What did you like best? Did you come by our booth? Which one of us was cutest? (Maybe don’t answer that last one. …)

  • Anyone old enough to remember the Golden Age of Saturday morning TV? Well, PREACHER diego-Dastardlycreator Garth Ennis
    is going to put own special spin on one of the most bizarre (and this was the late ’60s so think how bizarre everything else already was!) animated children’s series: WACKY RACES. A Hanna-Barbera production, the show was an animated take on the race-contest films that were so popular throughout the decade (films like THE GREAT RACE and IT’S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD). WACKY RACES featured 23 characters with names like Dick Dastardly and Muttley, Lake Luke and Blubber Bear, and Penelope Pitstop racing to achieve the title of World’s Wackiest Racer. While the show lasted only 17 episodes, it left an impression on kids of the time, presumably including Ennis, who is reimagining Dastardly and Muttley as a spin-off of WACKY RACELAND, which has already recast the show in a steampunk, post-apocalyptic zone where the contest crowns one winner, with second place meaning death. Looks like the stakes have been raised since the’60s!
  • diego-KamalaAfter debuting in the Captain Marvel comics three years ago, Kamala Khan’s finally getting her due: her own action figure. Hasbro announced that the shapeshifting Ms. Marvel would be joining the toy company’s line of 6-inch-scaled Marvel Legends. The Pakistani New Jersey teen comes with distended arms to show off her powers, but there was no word on accessories or when she would be available for purchase. It’s about time!
  • The Emmy-nominated ORPHAN BLACK is one of the smartest shows on television, and at the show’s SDCC panel, its creators, John Fawcett diego-orphan-blackand Graeme Manson, showed that in addition to smarts, they also have a strong sense of self-awareness. Having already announced that the Sci-Fi clones series’ upcoming fifth season would be its last, Manson said, “We always sort of had five seasons in mind, and the thing that we just didn’t want to do is get kind of soft around the middle. We really think that it’s cooler to cancel yourself than to get canceled, to peter out.” Having the ending plotted out, Fawcett stated, “Much as planning the final season is bittersweet, the fun is knowing the ending. Because we’ve known it for a long time.”
  • And here’s your first look at Neil Gaiman’s AMERICAN GODS, premiered by Starz at San Diego Comic-Con 2016: