The Court of the Dead is coming to Famous Monsters!

Monster Kids and collectibles go together like bread and butter, so it’s about time FM teamed up with Sideshow Collectibles, right?

They’ve been making sought-after statues and figures for all your favorite characters since 1994, but Court of the Dead is their very own beast, and it’s completely awesome, boasting a mythos of grand scope and a cast of necromantic personas designed to hold their own against any other popular character — or, shall we say, monster?

The Court of the Dead cast has marched their way through statues, comic books, a board game, and a card game, and now, we are super stoked to announce our collaboration with Sideshow on the official Court of the Dead Collection.

What does a Famous Monsters Court of the Dead Collection look like?

It’s all skull and scythe and mist and bone, rich colors and majesty, imagery like the decor of a Victorian dungeon.

We believe the collection combines the eerie, necromantic appeal of Court of the Dead’s fascinating characters with FM’s creepy retro sensibility, creating an aesthetic that is both gothic and iconic enough to hold its own beside Frankenstein and the Wolf Man.

How did such a collaboration come about?

Sideshow and Famous Monsters have been entertwined for years, doing co-branded giveaways and reviewing each other’s work. There are Sideshow statues in the Famous Monsters lobby and Sideshow employees brandishing Famous Monsters t-shirts.

“Sideshow is thrilled to collaborate with Famous Monsters to create a Court of the Dead Collection,” says Brand Director Anna van Slee. “There are quite a few folks walking around Sideshow right now sporting Famous Monsters apparel. The designs are striking and fun, and the material quality is incredible. I can’t wait to see how they translate the Court of the Dead characters into their iconic brand treatment.”

Established in 1958 as a print publication, Famous Monsters of Filmland is the world’s longest running horror brand. Their merchandise, sold through Captain Company and ranging from t-shirts to novelty collectibles, first manifested in the backs of their magazines as a kind of monster mask menagerie before graduating to an online store with hundreds of classic monster designs. Famous Monsters is currently based in Santa Rosa, California and publishes three times per year. For more about Famous Monsters, visit our About Us page.

Check out the video below for more about the genesis of Sideshow’s Court of the Dead!

The first installment of this collaboration has now launched!