The second day of the Silver Scream Festival kicked off with A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET’s Robert Englund (Freddy, of course) and Heather Langenkamp (Nancy, of course) signing your mementoes and tchotchkes. Following that is a screening of Langenkamp’s documentary I AM NANCY, about her life following her role as Nancy Thompson, after which she will engage in a Q&A session, answering ALL your burning questions. And THEN Englund and Langenkamp will be joined by producer Marriane Maddalena to give a tribute to Wes Craven, following a screening of NEW NIGHTMARE, the director’s last Elm Street film, which served as a SCREAM precursor in its meta narrative.


Also on deck today: To commemorate the impact Bela Lugosi had on horror cinema, we’ll be screening four of his classic flicks, WHITE ZOMBIE, ISLAND OF LOST SOULS, SON OF FRANKENSTEIN, and on its 85th anniversary, DRACULA. As an added bonus, Bela Lugosi Jr. will engage in a Q&A about his father and the first golden age in Scary Sinema.


In addition to the classics, we’ve got contemporary flicks screening all day, including many made by people like you who entered the film fest with fantastic shorts and full-length features. Come today to check out the films, then come back tomorrow and see which won awards in our closing ceremony!

On the 35th anniversary of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, we’ve assembled director John Landis, actor David Naughton, and living legend Rick Baker, who has won seven Academy Awards for his makeup effects work. SEVEN, boys and girls. Seven. And everyone thinks Meryl Streep is sooooo cool for winning a measly THREE. I say she’s slacking. I digress. Landis, Naughton, and Baker will be reminiscing about the production of the classic werewolf yarn with tidbits you won’t find anywhere else!


Then there’s Rob Prior, artist extraordinaire, who, in the lobby of the festival, will be creating two paintings of iconic horror legends to completion; a panel with Cinema Makeup School on how to make crazy effects; a celebration of our beloved honorary editor in chief, Forrest J Ackerman; a screening of ’80s camp classic ICE PIRATES; and a panel with American Gothic Press, talking about the best of the best in graphic novels. There truly is something for everyone!


Tickets are still available at the box office, so come on down to the Roxy Theater in downtown Santa Rosa and meet some of your horror heroes!

P.S. Did I mention the larger-than-life werewolf in the lobby?