Check this out, my creeps: the die-rector of the new psycho psychological fright flick SUN CHOKE, Ben Cresciman, recently stopped by the ol’ Crypt o’ XIII for a quick jaw sesh!

FAMOUS MONSTERS. How did the concept of SUN CHOKE evolve?

BEN CRESCIMAN. I wanted to explore the idea that all the things we do to maintain or improve our health, our well-being can also turn into a terrifying control system. Early on, I was researching yoga poses, and I came across this really difficult standing pose that required total focus on your balance to maintain it. Part of a yoga practice is increasing the amount of time you can hold the pose, but what if you were forced to hold it, longer than you ever could, or should? That’s when I realized where the themes and narrative of the film were headed, and I never looked back.

Director Cresciman

FM. What challenges did you face bringing the flick to the screen?

BC. I think the biggest challenge was in finding three actresses who could bring the truth of these characters to the screen. In Sarah Hagan, Barbara Crampton, and Sara Malakul Lane I was supremely fortunate to work with performers who are deeply in touch with their craft, and fearless in the face of some pretty disturbing and difficult material.

FM. Are you a fan of the horror biz, and if so what films are your faves?

BC. Definitely. Favorite horror and Sci-Fi films include but are not limited to: THE SHINING, 2001, ROSEMARY’S BABY, ALIEN28 DAYS LATER, and FUNNY GAMES.


FM. Do you have any new fright flicks in the works?

BC. I’m developing a couple projects I’d like to film in the next year, but primarily I’m working on a tense, backwoods sort of thriller that I can’t say much about but am terribly excited to bring to the screen.

FM. Where can we follow ya on the good ol’ social media?

BC. You can read my own occasional ramblings on Twitter and you can follow SUN CHOKE on Twitter and Instagram.

FM. Thanks, Ben. You’re a real cool cat. Feel free to drop (dead) around the Crypt anytime!