•             RELEASE DATE: Available Now on DVD
•             WRITTEN BY: Marc-Andre Samson
•             DIRECTED BY: Marc-Andre Samson
•             STARRING: Walter Peña, Scott Anthony Leet, Alexis Raben, David O’Hara

At the height of the satanic panic of the 1980s, Lenard (Peña), the son of a deceased serial killer (O’Hara), is released from a mental hospital and placed under house arrest where he’s supervised by a cruel sumbitch of a Sherriff (Leet). Before long ol’ L-man is being plagued by a cult (maybe/sorta?) and images of his deceased father. Is Lenard insane, or is there something far more sinister afoot?

WHERE THE DEVIL DWELLS is a cool guessin’ game of a fright flick that builds some solid tension. The whole cult angle puts it a step above similar serial killer fare, as does the whole “sins of my father” bag. Another refreshing element was the period setting and the “artifacts” pertaining to it: newspaper clippings, television broadcasts… these things really set the stage and tone quite well, and by setting most of the action in a cabin away from civilization, the amount of period costumes, vehicles, et cetera are kept to a cost-conscious minimum. Additionally, the running time is kept short so things move at a good pace, and the acting is strong.

As for negatives, there ain’t too many. I guess if you like your fright flicks with a high body count this would not satisfy your blood tooth, so to speak; there are kills, but they aren’t plentiful by any means. But yeah, very minor quibble there.

WHERE THE DEVIL DWELLS should satisfy your serial killer, psychological thriller, and cult pangs all at once… it’s kinda a horror hat-trick; and that’s no small feat! Highly recommended, and here’s hoping that writer/die-rector Marc-Andre Samson pays our beloved horror biz another visit right soon!