Hey, there, creeps! As you know I love turnin’ you ghouls on to new music, and this time I got somethin’ a bit different for ya — a band that embraces a multitude of 90s-era alternative influences to create their own unique sound: The Foxfires! Of course they are fans of our beloved horror biz as well, as you will see as you read on!


Famous Monsters. Welcome, fellas. Please have a seat… pick any coffin you want! Now let’s kick off this lil’ convo with an introduction!

Foxfires. Our name is the Foxfires; we’re a Seagaze band from Nyack, NY. Seagaze is a clever combination of indie rock and 90s alternative. Our influences include My Bloody Valentine, Foals, Nirvana, and Silversun Pickups. We came up with the term “Seagaze” based on the feeling you get when gazing out into the ocean when you’re on the shore.

FM. Now, I saw you dudes as an opener for horror-punk legend Michale Graves. You really grabbed the attention and appreciation of a crowd of fright-flick-obsessed punkers. Were you nervous going into that setting?

FF. Interesting question. In all honesty, we try to enter shows with an open mind and not worry about the type of audience we’re catering to. Our goal is to always put 100% into our performance. Knowing all this, performing at Madison Theater was one of our most fun and engaging shows yet! Everyone was very supportive and shocked at both our style and how much they loved it. It was a truly humbling experience.

FM. I know you guys dig on the fright flicks. Care to lay some of your favs on us?

Christian Diana. I’ve always been a zombie guy growing up. Some of my favorite flicks include CHILDREN SHOULDN’T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS, DAWN OF THE DEAD, and EVIL DEADI love the idea of the dead coming back to life due to scientific incompetence.

Adam Kahn. I’m a very old school type of horror fan. I love a ton of Hitchcock’s darker works like THE BIRDS and PSYCHO; I love the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEADand I am a fan of the older monster movies, like the original WOLFMAN, DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN, as well much different things like CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, EVIL DEADand the original slasher movies like MY BLOODY VALENTINE, FRIDAY THE 13TH parts 1,2,3, HALLOWEEN, etc.

I’m very conflicted about whether I like the approach that Hitchcock took where there was less blood and more left to the imagination. Also, I know it may not be exactly horror or movies, but I do love the original Twilight Zone episodes — the darker ones, at least. The movie in my opinion was good for its time period and I love the beginning of the movie where Dan Ackroyd says, “ You wanna see something REALLY scary?” and then turns into a monster and kills the guy driving. I like when something unexpected or shocking happens. That’s what really draws me in.

FM. If The Foxfires could provide the soundtrack to a fright flick, what kind of flick would you hope it to be?

Christian Cordero. For me personally,  the kind of horror movie that would best suit our musical style would probably be some sort of supernatural or sci-fi movie. With the ethereal nature of our music, we would be able to create a dark and brooding atmosphere that would easily put the audience in an uneasy and spine-tingling mindset.

Brandon ValleyHo. I agree with Christian. The ethereal nature of our music would definitely fit best to build atmosphere with our use of delays and reverbs, along with the flowing guitar intertwined with our rhythm section. Although, with our newest music, we feel we would be able to transcend to many genres. Upcoming songs like Soaring Stones and Garden of Eden are flexible enough to narrate the eerie feel of a horror series like THE WALKING DEAD or set the tone to an exciting trip in any summer movie.

FM. Before we wrap this up like a mummy, what’s next for you guys, and where can my Coffin Club follow you online?

FF. Currently we’re on our Time Flies Tour across the East Coast! Here are the links to our music and where people can find out more:

Official website, YoutubeFacebook, and iTunes

FM. Fangs, guys!!

Now let’s focus our eerie earholes on The Foxfires latest EP, SEASONS!



•             RELEASE DATE: Available Now on iTunes

 The Foxfires latest EP SEASONS is, as is their style, hard to classify. Labeled “seagaze”, their music really is a genre unto itself. As the 5 songs (four of which are named after a different season’s astronomical event) on the album play out, you are taken across sprawling distortion laden soundscapes interlaced with pop rock-esque confections encircled by infectious harmonies (usually all within the same song!). It’s a heady mix for sure, and one that offers the listener a varied experience with each listen; especially since the songs manage the remarkable feat of often being both melancholy and upbeat simultaneously.

Every song on the EP is infinitely listenable, but my personal favorites were Fall Equinox (the ethereal, dream-like guitar tone is pure sublime awesomeness) and the harmony laden/hook heavy Spring Equinox; the most “sing-along anthem” type of tune on the album.

If I had a complaint with the entire affair it’s that the album is only an EP and at roughly 20 minutes I wanted more to listen to! Additionally, this is the type of band that screams for instrumental pieces mixed in with the vocal numbers (or maybe just longer instrumental stretches within each song). That is not to say that I don’t enjoy The Foxfires’ lyrics or vocals, but man, the way these dudes compose their songs is like experiencing the audio equivalent of a daydream, and one you are not too keen to see end!

Stated simply, I really dig on these dudes, and even though it certainly isn’t the type of music I feature in this column normally, it’s well worth a listen!

I would also like to mention that if you have the chance to see The Foxfires live you should most definitely do so; their energy and showmanship won over an entire crowd of die-hard horror punks (not the type of crowd they are used to I’d wager) in seconds and was truly amazing!

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