Diamond Previews has published its April issue containing solicits for June, and there are so many monsterrific books we couldn’t resist raving about our favorites.

Zombie hulk! Killer fish! Kaiju! Aliens! Honestly, it’s no wonder the original Famous Monsters found a home at Warren Publishing alongside comic book anthologies like CREEPY and EERIE — comics are crawling with original creatures, and this month’s solicits in particular have whetted our appetites for carnage! There are some legendary names in the bunch, as well as relative newcomers whose work you should definitely investigate.

Check out our five favorite solicits below, and don’t forget to pre-order with your local comic shop to ensure that the creators know you love them!

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writers: Rod Serling, Dana Gould 
Artist: Chad Lewis
Preorder Code: APR181091

Everyone knows about Rod Serling’s original script for PLANET OF THE APES, right? Talk about the pain of things that never were but might have been. Ouch. But the gods of science fiction (that’s Forry, Ray, and Ray, naturally) have smiled upon us, because it’s the original movie’s 50th anniversary this year, and BOOM! Studios have decided to bless the universe with a comic book adaptation of that very script! And that’s not all — horror fan, comedian, and verifiable Monster Kid™ Dana Gould has been tapped to do the adaptation, so you know it’s in good hands. Can I get a HUZZAH and a HOLY CRAP IT’S ABOUT TIME? $19.99, Hardcover

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writers: Mark Andrew Smith, James Stokoe
Artist: James Stokoe
Preorder Code: APR180050

Let’s get this out of the way right at the beginning: you do not have to love baseball to be excited about this book. We would be salivating just at the tagline (“America’s Favorite Pastime becomes one baseball team’s ultimate nightmare as they fight for their lives against a town of flesh-eating monsters”), because seriously… flesh-eating monsters. Then you bring in the ultimate whammy of sci-fi artist extraordinaire James Stokoe, and hordes of wild werewolves couldn’t keep us away. Stokoe has already masterfully executed mini-series about Godzilla and ALIEN, bringing a sense of scope and scale to already massive properties and giving the monsters the majesty they deserve. We can’t wait to see him go nuts with original aliens. $19.99, Hardcover

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Joe Bennett
Preorder Code: APR180691

Wait a minute – they killed Bruce Banner, didn’t they? Yes, they did. Oh, it’s just another example of Marvel bringing comic book heroes back from the dead, right? Well… sort of. In this case, he’s actually undead. COOL! Given that Hulk’s original inspiration was a combination of Frankenstein and Mr. Hyde, we can’t wait to see what Ewing and Bennett do with a brand new horror angle. He was always meant to be a monster, after all. (That’s an Alex Ross cover, by the way – epic!) $4.99, Single Issue

Publisher: Yen Press
Writer: Aoi Hiroumi
Artist: Aoi Hiroumi
Preorder Code: APR181979

In case you thought you’d gotten your fill of killer fish from Junji Ito’s nightmare-inducing GYO, think again: SHIBUYA GOLDFISH is here to wreak havoc. Aoi Hiroumi writes of an unsuspecting nerd who visits the trendy Shibuya just as carnivorous goldfish have begun to attack. And honestly, we don’t know anything else about this one, but as far as animal disasters go, we’re pretty sold already. $15.00, Manga

Publisher: Oni Press
Writer: Zander Cannon
Artist: Zander Cannon
Preorder Code: APR181670

If you’re not already on the KAIJUMAX train, you need to fix that immediately, because this is a comic book tailor-made for Godzilla and tokusatsu fans. It’s about a maximum security prison for monsters of all shapes and sizes, including cryptids and giant robots, and the wardens all have the Ultraman-like ability to power into a skyscraper-sized superhero whenever the monsters get out of line. But as in most prison stories, corruption abounds, and though it may look cheerful, KAIJUMAX is not exactly kid-friendly. Zander Cannon is pretty much our hero for conceiving of this. A fourth “season” of six issues is finally here! $3.99, Single Issue

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