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A page from GODSHAPER #1


GODSHAPER #1 from BOOM! Studios, written by Simon Spurrier and illustrated by Jonas Goonface


Humans need their own personal gods. What do gods need? Someone a little off-kilter, a little non-mainstream, playing in a band and trying to figure himself out. A god for the gods. A Godshaper.


Simon Spurrier is one of the wittiest AND weirdest writers in comic books right now. He’s responsible for several other BOOM! minis including SIX-GUN GORILLA, a wacky space Western, and THE SPIRE, nominated for an Eisner last year. His run on X-MEN LEGACY featuring Legion is (arguably) the basis for FX’s current LEGION show, and we’re still waiting around for a continuation of his surreal Puritan fantasy GUTSVILLE. Spurrier is charming and manages to infuse all of his titles with a dab of British humor, and if that humor takes the shape of murder and mayhem, well, all the better.

Jonas Goonface, on the other hand (though we’re fairly sure that’s not his real name), is fresh out of BOOM! BOX Mix Tapes and the dark recesses of the intrawebs. Paired up with Spurrier, the combination here promises to be whimsical and colorful (just look at that teaser page on the left!).

Plus: rock and roll. We love our buskers.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017, at your local comic shop.

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