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GWAR: ORGASMAGEDDON #1 from Dynamite Entertainment, written by GWAR’s Matt Maguire and Matt Miner with art by Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, et al.


If you have yet to be introduced to the heavy metal alien blood-circus that is GWAR, well… performance art is putting it mildly. Since the mid 1980s, a rotating lineup of musicians known collectively as GWAR has taken the theme of “shock rock” to an entirely new level — one rife with violence, monsters, penis jokes, and the regular audience-spraying of various bodily fluids. “Trigger warning” doesn’t begin to cover these guys.

And now… they’ve come to comics. Given the larger-than-life personas and overdramatic antics associated with GWAR, it feels like a natural step.


We’ve read a preview, and it’s just as ridiculous and offensive as you’d expect — but also suprisingly self-referential and snarky.

The plot does leave something to be desired, upon first glance: the members of Gwar are trapped (by means of a dong-shaped spaceship, no less) in the past by Mr. Perfect, whom Sawborg Destructo not so casually refers to as “if the blue guy from WATCHMEN f—ed The Thing and crapped out a pretentious baby” (wow). The band and cavalry of sidekicks proceed to rotate through various time periods and cause destruction wherever they go – downing the Hindenberg, changing the course of the Revolutionary War, and so on. It’s true: there is nothing conceptually advanced going on here. But in a world where the characters are named Pustulus Maximus and Beefcake the Mighty and people are decapitated on every page, a more complex story might render ORGASMAGEDDON completely incomprehensible.

As is, GWAR’s Matt Maguire (the aforementioned Destructo) has written a ride focused on quips and painful skewerings, with some help in the form of Matt Miner, whose Black Mask book TOE TAG RIOT was a punk rock zombie party of fun and who has no doubt streamlined the proceedings into proper comic book form. The additions of artist Jonathan Brandon Sawyer and colorists Marissa Louise and Doug Garbark give the book an over the top, cartoony, acid-trip style reminiscent of Rick Spears and James Callahan’s THE AUTEUR with a few more teeth and spikes involved. Of course, breaking the fourth wall (“Stupid fragile panel!”) and pop culture in-jokes (“Let’s concentrate on passing the Bechdel test”) are always welcome.

BOTTOM LINE: Those easily offended need not venture any further, but if you’re as crass and depraved as the rest of us (exploding heads, yay!) you will definitely be amused.


Wednesday, June 7, 2017, at your local comic shop.

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