BATES MOTEL Surprises with the Casting of Iconic Marion Crane

BATES is set to finish after its upcoming fifth season

BATES MOTEL went out with a bang at the end of its fourth season. **SPOILER ALERT — SPOILERS EVERYWHERE** We’d seen both Norman and Norma Bates descend emotionally and psychologically so directly and so consistently throughout the series’ run that eventually something had to give. And something did. Norman’s mind.

In the shocking finale, he finally murdered his mother (to keep her close, so, you know, he had his reasons). So when show creators and exec producers Kerry Ehren and Carlton Cuse along with actors Vera Farmiga (Norma), Freddie Highmore (Norman), Nestor Carbonell (Alex), and Max Thieriot (Dylan) took to the stage at Comic-Con there were a lot of questions and a lot of emotions to be processed.marion-bates

Moderator Terri Schwartz of IGN jumped right in, officially confirming that the upcoming Season 5 would indeed be BATES’ last. While that was sad, but unsurprising, news, it was eclipsed by the revelation of who would play Janet Leigh’s iconic role in the original Alfred Hitchcock thriller PSYCHO: none other than one of the most successful pop stars of our time, Rihanna. The Barbados-born chanteuse broke the news herself via video.

While she doesn’t have that much acting experience (save from small roles in BATTLESHIP and the upcoming VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS, the Sci-Fi thriller from Luc Besson starring Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne), she loves genre material, having told Vanity Fair that she loved BATES MOTEL and showing her love for Sci-Fi with the release of her single from STAR TREK BEYOND. Farmiga quipped, “It’s going to be great to work, work, work with her,” to audience laughs.

Rihanna-batesOther highlights:

  • Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga, despite having been killed, will be back full-time as a series regular. She said about her character, “The they’ve written her is, to me, poetry. … It’s like a big, fat dagger in my heart right now.”
  • Carbonell and Thieriot expressed their sadness that, because Norma is now dead and only a figment of Norman’s personality, they wouldn’t be working with Farmiga anymore.
  • Highmore watches PSYCHO before embarking on each new season just to prep!
  • A sneak peek revealed nothing plotwise, but set the tone for a chilling and macabre final season, with Norman going full-on psycho.

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